My Trixie Belden fan-fiction
Hello. Goodbye. Can We Still Be Friends?
If you copy and paste into Word you may be able to see the
New Friends New Beginnings & New Experiences
(Sometimes RISK is more than a game.)
A Little RISK With Friends
This occurs seven years after the original "RISK"
Regret, Remorse, Reconciliation, Revenge
*This had been revised a bit from the original.
Have Yourself a RISKfree Little Christmas
Trixie struggles to come to terms with the incident.
Trixie and Honey start their Freshman year in college
Note: Zap's red star rating.  Yellow star at Jix
Note: Zap's red star rating.  Yellow star at Jix.
Revenge of a Little RISK (Part two)
Note: Zap's red star rating.  Yellow star at Jix
Revenge of a Little RISK (Part one)
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A Different Kind of RISK
This is a "flashback" to college just after Christmas break
A Whirlwind of RISK
This occurs during Spring Break, just after The Incident
Note: Zap's red star rating for a slight off-color comment
Jix orange star raing for the same comment
PG-13   just to be safe
RISK is Always a Gamble
This is a CHRISTmas time story that occures
about a year after The Incident.
Christmas Day Brings No Risk,  Little Gamble and
All Family
This is a very short epilogue for Risk is Always a Gamble
Lucy/Cosmo Convention
Mart, Trixie, Di and Honey attend a  Lucy/Cosmo convention.