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Teresa A. Murphy
Steve and myself
Ditto and "Richard Petty"
Last day of school May 27th 2005

Unkown to me, this was my last day as a
Geography teacher.

That summer, I took over the ISS position.

Our beloved dog-child.  We miss her so much.
Ditto Murphy: Feb ?? 1993 - Jan 12 2006
We lost Ditto after a very brief and sudden illness.  We
were devestated to lose her so quickly.  She was a very
good dog.
There's not much to say.

I was born May 6, 1964.  You can do the math
to check my age.

I am married to Steve.  We were married June
13, 1992.

We met through a mutual friend who worked
with him at First Baptist Church here in
Springdale.  He has worked in the maintenance
department for the church for over 25 years.

I've taught for Springdale schools for over 22
years.  My first 9 years was at Southwest
Jr. High.  I taught 7th grade geography and an
occasional civics class when they needed an
extra section of civies.  We wont' discuss my
being an assistant girls basketball/track coach
my first three years. LOL

I moved to Helen Tyson Middle School where I
taught geography for another 9 years before
the district had an opening for a 4-7 In School
Suspension Supervisor.  I took over that role
August 2005.

I/we enjoy the outdoors.  We like to hike, fish,
camp, hunt, cave, target shoot, geocache etc
We both love history.  Our vacations seem to
center on the above activities.

We are fans of NASCAR.  Mark Martin is our
favorite driver.  I collect diecast cars of Mark
and other drivers, as well as other small cars.
MOPAR, or no car!  I also have a small Star
Trek collection.

I love to read and prefer mystery/suspense
most all authors that I read are Christian authors.

I also like to collect/read Nancy Drew and Trixie
Belden books.

I surrendered my life and my will to Jesus in
December of 1976.  I am not perfect.  At times
I have failed miserably.  I was "on fire" in
high school and college.  As I have gotten older
I have allowed myself to be sidetracked.

I tend to get frustrated with myself.  I seem to
have more scars and bruises on my knees from
stumbling, than praying.

I am so thankful that I believe in a God that
loves me even when I don't like myself.

God's blessing, health and peace to all.